Design and Implementation of Enterprise Content Management Systems

netea supports your enterprise by designing and implementing your ECM system. Read more…

Developing your specific ECM Solution

Often out-of-the-box ECM system do not fit to your enterprise processes and procedures. netea supports your ECM implementation with specific configuration and/or customization to adapt the ECM system to your business needs.

IT Architecture of ECM Systems

ECM systems are a business critical component of your enterprise IT. netea helps you to design and implement an IT architecture to leverage performance, stability, and availability of your ECM system. Read more…

Deployment and Technical Change Management

ECM systems are not static and need timely application of vendor fixes, update, and enhancements. Being a business critical system an ECM system needs thorough planning and professional deployment of changes. netea has a profound experience from many large ECM projects to help you in steering the change process and to deploy changes with minimal risks.

Performance- and Load-Analysis and Improvement

Over time your ECM system will be filled with millions of documents and might need a performance boost to continue satisfying users. netea can help you to find the bottlenecks in your implementation and can help to bring your system back to speed and efficiency.

Security and Content-Protection

Your documents are your treasure. Obviously they should be protected against unauthorized access, manipulation, or deletion. netea helps you to understand how your system protects your data, how to harden the configuration and offers add-on products to protect your system against malware.

Application Integration and customized Solutions

netea offers several add-ons for Open Text Content Server: